The Secretary of the Department of Health (DS), Lorenzo González Feliciano said on Friday that the peak period of COVID-19 coronavirus infections in Puerto Rico has passed, although it is still important to maintain individual preventive measures and those implemented by the government .

“Despite all the crises it has had, we are enlightened. Whoever believes that this is false does not live in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is illuminated. We have a lot of crisis and we left, and the blow is strong but we got up, ”said González Feliciano in a radio interview (WKAQ).

Upon assuming the leadership of the DS in late March, the official had indicated that the peak period of infections on the island would be between May 4 and 8.

“Categorically yes (the peak has passed). We have to look prospectively at how we transform and modify the quarantine process. The governor will receive input from the Health Department, from the other secretaries, particularly from the economy, to see how we continue the process of normalization in our country. What we see today is something that should give us a certain sense of tranquility and a little bit of peace but not let our guard down, ”he said.

He explained that between Monday and Wednesday of this week there were no deaths, while on Thursday three were reported and on Friday five. “We have remained stable in terms of the infectious process. We continue to monitor this, ”he explained, indicating that the data indicates that the infectious percentage is currently between 4% and 5%.

However, the official said that does not mean that the social distancing measures implemented by the government will be lifted, precisely to contain the contagions.

“People have to do the right thing. It is our country. We have to do the right thing to see if we move, as I say, and we see a beautiful Christmas this year and we can celebrate, “added the official.

The figures released on Friday by the DS tell that at the moment on the island there have been reported 107 deaths from this disease and 2,156 positive cases.