OFFICIAL! Loki will not return in Thor: Love and Thunder

Bad news or was it obvious? The truth is that Tom Hiddleston confirmed his absence as Loki in the next Thor film, which will include big stars.

Thor: Love and Thunder is getting closer and closer to leaping to the big screen and, whatever the case, the premiere of the Loki series makes all the Asgardian content of Marvel becomes more desired. However, the connection between the character and the saga based on his brother came to an end.

The death of the god of deception in Avengers: Infinity War at the hands of Thanos seemed to take out of context the deity of the UCM. However, because of the charm that the villain had in the audience, the studio decided to bring him back in Disney +.

In addition, he was seen in scenes of Endgame thanks to time travel to retrieve the infinity gems. Even with all that, there was no possibility of more stories related to him given his fateful passing.

Regardless of this, it is valid to highlight that ‘The House of Ideas’ is a skillful factory of resurrections, so the return of the adoptive prince of Asgard it didn’t seem totally outlandish. Hopes were recently dashed.

The latter is said since Tom Hiddleston, who brought the franchise’s evil icon to life, revealed it in an interview with the magazine Empire. The actor mentioned the reasons for his farewell to the saga of Thor.

The familiar atmosphere between him and the god of thunder ended. The current reality is another, one in which Loki no longer had any more space. This said the celebrity.

“We talk about the Thor movies as a family saga, and the diametric opposition between Thor and Loki and duality and antagonism is a book that perhaps should remain closed for now.”

Finally, the interpreter ended by commenting that “we have explored everything we could about these two brothers.”

From June 9 you can enjoy the Loki series on Disney + easily subscribing to this link.

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