Official logo of Powerpuff, the live-action series of The Powerpuff Girls

Official Powerpuff logo on the chair from the filming of the series

Hours after seeing the first images of the set of filming of The Powerpuff Girls series, which allowed us to see how the outfits of the protagonists will look in their jump to the live-action format (real action), now we receive the official logo.

The director behind this series of the chain The CW, Maggie kiley, has shared a picture from the filming set, announcing the first day of shooting to record what is the pilot episode and with which it will be decided if there will be a series or not. Through her Instagram, the filmmaker has shared an image of the typical filming chair showing official logo.

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This logo reconfirms the information that had been sounding for a long time that indicated that the title of the series will be simply “Powerpuff”. Obviously the logo design can always undergo variations, once work begins on the post-production of the series if it succeeds.

Official Powerpuff logo on the chair from the filming of the seriesOfficial Powerpuff logo on the chair from the filming of the series

In August 2020, this live-action version was announced by The CW of the cartoon classic. The cast of the superheroines was announced in early March 2021, also revealing how different the sisters’ lives will be. After spending their childhoods fighting crime, Blossom (Chloe Bennet), Bubbles (Dove Cameron), and Buttercup (Yana Perrault) have become disillusioned and have different opinions about how they identify with their superhero past and what role they should play now. Blossom wants to be a hero again, after battling her own childhood trauma. Bubbles is more interested in fame than being a hero. And Buttercup simply wants to live life anonymously.

Actor Donald Faison will play the lead role of Professor Utonium, a “flamboyant, elegant, and a bit narcissistic” scientist who has decided, in the midst of a midlife crisis, to repair his relationships with his daughters. Nicholas Podany will be Mojo Jojo Jr., the son of the mythical villain of the animated series.

Created by Craig McCracken, “The Powerpuff Girls” premiered on Cartoon Network in 1998 and was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for the first four seasons and by Cartoon Network Studios for the remaining two. The series focuses on three super-powerful preschool-age girls – Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup – who live in the fictional US suburb of Townsville, with their father, Professor Utonium, who creates them by accidentally adding the “chemical X ”to a mix destined to father the perfect girls. The three little heroines use their impressive abilities to fight recurring enemies like Mojo Jojo and Him.

This new live-acton series will feature Sleepy Hollow’s Heather Regnier as co-writer and executive producer alongside Jennifer’s Body screenwriter Diablo Cody. Berlanti Productions’ Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden will also produce, along with Warner Bros. Television.