OFFICIAL, Juan Manuel Márquez will return to the ring against Miguel Cotto

the big announcement arrived, the Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez and the Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, They will come out of retirement to put on their gloves and face an exhibition fight, as it was announced in social media.

Through social networks a video was published announcing that both the Aztec, Juan Manuel Márquez and the Puerto Rican, Miguel CottoThey will be facing each other in an exhibition match.

The news caused a stir among boxing fans, who immediately began to give their predictions on who will be the winner of the match.

It should be remembered that for a few days, the Mexican published a video where he is training and announced that there will be great news. At first it was thought that Marquez I would be accepting the challenge of Erik Morales, but, everything changed when it leaked that he would actually face Cotto.

The plans is that the confrontation between Marquez and Cotto takes place in Miami, but, for now, no more details have been released about it.

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