By Sebastian Quiroz
05/20/2020 4:06 pm

It’s been a while since the last piece of information Netflix revealed about the cartoon of Cuphead. Although there are still some aspects of this production that are unknown, today A new official image of one of the most anticipated series for this streaming service has been revealed.

The new image of The Cuphead Show! It was revealed thanks to the Annecy Animation Festival site, a festival that focuses on different types of animation. Thus The cartoon will be part of the projects in process that will be shown at the event.

The page ensures that The Cuphead Show! It will be a character-focused comedy. The stars of this show will be the impulsive Cuphead and the cautious Mugman. This difference in personalities gives us an idea of ​​the type of relationship they will have, something that reminds us a lot of Ren & Stimpy or Los Castores Cascarrabias

Similarly, it is noted that the computer-animated series will present 2-dimensional visuals. It is also said to be made up of 11 episodes of 10 minutes each. It should be noted that this information was presented to the organizers of the Annecy Animation Festival, and was not provided directly by Netflix, so some of this data may change in the future.

On related topics, the Cuphead novel is out now. Similarly, you can check out this amazing Cuphead short that captivated Studio MDHR here.

Via: Variety

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