OFFICIAL: GTA Online will bring a new region and a new hit in its biggest expansion

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Grand theft auto v Since its premiere in 2013, it has consistently remained among the top sales of the different video game platforms. This is because it is a great game, but also because of the constant updating that the team of Rockstar to your multiplayer GTA Online.

Yesterday Rockstar delivered a teaser that hinted at a possible new region on the map. Today we know that it is official, in December it will arrive Blow to Cayo Perico, the biggest update of GTA which adds a new island, a new coup, where we will have to infiltrate the complex of the most famous drug dealer in the world.

“You decide how to enter Cayo Perico, one of the safest private islands in the world; how to avoid or neutralize the well-equipped security forces that are there and how to escape with a series of valuable tests as well as with all the works of art, gold and black money that you can take with you. Choose the means. Choose the strategy. Choose your team … or even do it without any help. The only thing that matters is that you return to Los Santos in one piece. ” describes Rockstar.

Heist to Cayo Perico will be available on December 15 in GTA Online. The star title of Rockstar It has already sold 135 million copies worldwide.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord