Offer: Nissan LEAF electric for € 21,500

The electric car It is gaining a great prominence in recent times, but that does not mean it has not been with us for quite some time. And if not, tell it to Nissan’s electric car, the Nissan LEAF, which has been on the market for more than 10 years. With the arrival of the MOVES III Plan, the Nissan LEAF also becomes one of the most economical electric cars of the moment.

Ok, yes, it’s true: The Nissan LEAF is not the most innovative electric car, nor is it the most technologically advanced, But the reality is that Nissan has been manufacturing and marketing electric cars for many years – but many – hence the Nissan LEAF is the most popular electric car in the world.

The “second” generation Nissan LEAF hit the market in 2018 like a very deep makeover of the first Nissan LEAF. In this way, the platform is the same although it has undergone major changes, while the body and interior design is completely new, as well as new motors and batteries for the electrical system.

Available with two power levels (150 and 204 hp) and two batteries of different capacities (40 and 62 kWh), the LEAF has seen its competition grow at great speed, eating up ground by leaps and bounds. With a maximum charging power of 50 kW for the access version, CHAdeMO charging socket and passive air cooling of the battery, it is clear that the LEAF is not the most advanced electric car of the moment., but it can still be a good option for some customers, especially with the price at which it is offered.

€ 20,000 for a Nissan LEAF, a real bargain

The Nissan LEAF, as a good electric car with a pre-tax sale price of less than € 45,000, can benefit from the aid of the MOVES Plan, aid that ostensibly lowers its price until it becomes one of the cheapest electric cars on the market. And is that the Japanese manufacturer announces a sale price of € 20,000 for the Nissan LEAF.

For that price We have access to a 150 hp Nissan LEAF, with a 40 kWh capacity battery and Acenta finish, the completion of access to the LEAF range. The average energy consumption of this version is fixed at 17.1 kW / 100 km, which is equivalent to a Approved autonomy of 270 kilometers. The standard equipment includes items such as keyless start, automatic climate control, 16 “wheels or the infotainment system with an 8” screen.

Nissan Leaf 3zero 2019 Interior 03

Nissan, yes, It will oblige us to contract the financing with its own financier for a minimum amount of € 7,000 with a minimum stay of 36 months. In addition, and of course, to obtain such a juicy price we must go to the MOVES Plan and scrap a vehicle in our name that is at least 7 years old.

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