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Of the English rejection to break it in Champions: history of Serge Gnabry

Christian Felipe Amezquita Ortiz

August 20, 2020, 05:58 a.m.

The German striker had a difficult time in the Premier League, but now he is shining with Bayern.

Bayern Munich is in a new European final and looks like the big favorite in the final next Sunday. Goals a lot, dream players and a devastating style are his main aspects to highlight.

Serge Gnabry is precisely one of those stars who were signed at low cost and now shine. not in vain did he score two of the three goals in the semifinal against Olympique de Lyon.

However, the footballing history of the German winger has been full of difficult moments, especially in the Premier League, where they came to describe him as not being « enough » for a first division team. Here is his story:

As a youngster, Gnabry came to Arsenal in 2010 as one of the many young talents Arsene Wenger was betting on. He shone in the reserve team and in the 2012-13 season he made his debut with the first team.

It would not be until the 2013-14 Premier when he would receive full continuity, playing 14 games with one goal and two assists. Whenever he entered, he complied. But both the board and Wenger did not give him the necessary time to develop and ended up making the decision to transfer him to West Bromwich. First strong blow.

Under the technical direction of Tony Pulis, the boy from Stuttgart lived through hell. He played only one League match and two Cup matches, and even Pulis himself assured the media that Gnabry « had no quality for a Premier League team. » Second big hit.

Arsenal did not want to complicate more and « gave » the German. In 2016 it was sold to Werder Bremen for almost six million euros. Third blow, but in the end it served. It was precisely there that he took off and was the differential talent of a team that never found its way. Bayern Munich noticed him, bought him and immediately went on loan to Hoffenheim. The goal was not to slow down its evolution.

There he literally broke it, for the 2018-19 season he returned to the Bavarian cast and became a key piece of the starting XI. Today he is an undisputed player of coach Hans-Dieter Flick and is the third highest scorer in the Champions League with nine goals.