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Do you remember the times when it was assumed that a Bluetooth connection, WiFi or the telephone’s own to the operator could be responsible for failures in the systems of an airplane? They were those times when As soon as you got on the plane, you had to turn off the phone completely. Although the manufacturers then defined the so-called airplane mode, with which all wireless connections were disabled, even this could not be used on some flights. Interestingly, it was possible to use laptops, Mp3 players, and so on.

Over the years, the aircraft systems were being shielded to avoid the potential risks of Bluetooth and company and consequently the regulations were relaxed, although there were several attempts to get the ban back. I never finished understanding the reason for them, but anyway, what will I know. Be that as it may, those movements were unsuccessful and, today, as you may already know, the mobile can be used with airplane mode during the entire flight, as well as using the connection with your operator until the flight personnel gives order to deactivate them.

The relationship improved the moment airlines began offering their in-flight WiFi services. And it is normal, because at the price at which they charge you the megabyte of data, they can line the entire plane with aluminum foil as soon as you download the mail and check a couple of websites. A change that, finally, showed that the use of WiFi on board does not pose any problem in aircraft prepared for it … and the same happens with Bluetooth.

So, for a while now, it has become popular to see passengers on board using their devices to listen to music, watch movies and series, talk with other people through voice services … we no longer disappear from the world when we get on a plane (unless we want to, of course), and the proliferation of Bluetooth headphones has been of great help for it. However, until now, the relationship had not been completed.

The good news is that the circle seems to be closing, since according to what we read in The Verge, part of the United Airlines fleet will allow connection to individual entertainment systems with Bluetooth headsets. Yes, some fleets still maintain that incomprehensible and annoying double jack to connect your wired headphones, but at the same time, the Boeing 737 Max 8 (yes, it had to be in that model), will begin to allow you to use your headphones without cables, without the need of adapters, and so on.

These services do not usually stand out for their exceptional image and sound quality, but that does not mean that they good entertainment on long flights, especially if you are not falling asleep during them. Thus, the compatibility of the same with the Bluetooth headphones of its users is a further advance and, in addition, an enormous comfort for many, among which I include myself without hesitation.

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