Of course I “walk” with Yolanda Andrade, confesses Consuelo Duval – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Consuelo Duval opened her heart during a talk she had with Mara Patricia Castañeda, on her YouTube channel, and among the things she revealed was that she does have a very emotional relationship with Yolanda Andrade.

The actress and comedian recalled some passages in her life, including the love relationships she has had as her three marriages, as well as her love affairs on television, it was when the Televisa Espectáculos coordinator asked her whether or not she has a love affair with her companion in “Netas Divinas”.

Immediately and without doubting who makes the character of Federica Peluche did not hide his feelings.

“Of course I walk with her and I will walk all my eternity, she is the hand that saved me in the darkest moments. It is a friendship, if they want to sexualize her, demonize her, I love her and bless her, and that I have friends with whatever sexual preferences, it does nothing to me, I am in Netas always leaning on her, she was my soul sister, and part to make me laugh, I have no money to pay and if people want to say that I am his girlfriend, his wife his lover, his husband, whatever they want, “he said.

During the very intimate talk, Consuelo also said that she never walked with either Eugenio Derbez or Adrián Uribe and about Adal Ramones she only limited herself to saying that everything ended well and without problem.

“Eugenio, what can I tell you, it’s my love and I saw him in love with one after another, and Adrián, what can I tell you, I live in love with Adrián but on good terms, he is one of those companions that you want the rest of your life with side, also Omar Chaparro. With Adal… I also fell in love with Adal but something happened there, like it was always a working relationship ”.

And it is that Duval had been talking on the “En casa de Mara” program about the darkest moments he had, not only on a personal level but also when he left the place that he considers his home (Televisa) because he felt that other talents They spoiled them more than her and Andrade was always by her side.

“I jumped, I was totally crazy, the announcement of my dad’s cancer had already arrived, of Lulu’s cancer, I felt my two pillars collapsing and who am I going to hold onto? Well, from Daddy Televisa, they have taught me that it is my house, it is my family and they will have to protect me, they are spoiling Adrián Uribe a lot and me not so much, that I am the female daughter of the company and how can that be possible ?, so I went and told them I also exist, because I want everything the same, they told me no, and I answered that then I was leaving the house and they told me: well go, bye, go throw your tantrum somewhere else ”.

Given this, and some time later, he assumed as a “tantrum” of his, which cost him to leave and hit rock bottom in different ways, however, after his departure, he was offered a job at Estrella TV, with working conditions that the San television station Angel never offered.

“(I told them) And I want an apartment in Hollywood that is a penthouse, and they said ‘yes, yes’; and I said ‘net?’ why didn’t they offer me this there (Televisa). And (I asked for) this latest model truck, they spoiled me a lot but they didn’t receive anything in exchange for me other than a program and ideas, ”he commented, but pointed out that he didn’t enjoy any of that because his father was seriously ill.

It was with Elías Solorio that he returned to the company, and stayed.

“I went back through door 3 to record“ Julia vs. Julia ”, and I already stayed forever again. The return of the prodigal daughter, says Bernardo Gómez ”, he said.

Currently, Consuelo not only did “Julia vs Julia”, which did not have the rating she wanted but which allowed her to try a project of hers. She is also a researcher in “Who is the mask?”, She is still in “Netas Divinas” and recently he did a series with Clarovideo, “Herederos by accident”.

By: El Universal