Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty analysis for Nintendo Switch

The saga Oddworld It is one of the most legendary for all those who once had a PlayStation. The nice Abe, beyond its funny flatulence, it offered a proposal of the most challenging platforms that caught everyone who entered the Hostile Farms. A few years ago we had the opportunity to enjoy a sensational remake with Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty that finally completed his path recently with the arrival on the platform that he still had to explore: Nintendo Switch. And the possibilities of the hybrid are incredible for a game of these characteristics.

The legendary mudokon, back in action

Abe is a mudokon slave is the Hostile Farms, serving the evil tycoons who dream of making the perfect food to make a cut from it. After practically extinguishing the Paramitas and Scrabs, they launch into a new project whose main ingredient is mudokon meat. Abe discovers this plan and tries to flee the factory, for which he is persecuted ad nauseam. On his way, he will have to save his companions and discover that your future is much more promising than it might seem at first.

Switch and its enormous possibilities, a new ability for Abe

It should be noted that the original remake on the rest of the platforms was already a sensational game, so its arrival on Nintendo Switch does not vary excessively with respect to what was seen at the time; It is the same game, well, only that its adaptation to the hybrid includes some variations for the controls of the same. In case you don’t know what kind of gameplay Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty has, you should know that it is a very challenging video game with puzzles that require legendary trial and error practice to be surpassed. Your mission is to rescue all the mudokon that you come across and for this you will have to make them go through mountains, paths full of enemies and other obstacles that will not make it easy for you.

All this taking into account that Abe can barely attack but can control enemies to be eliminated to the rest. This dynamic causes the difficulty to be greater, so you have to think very well when facing the many puzzles that are put in your way. However, as at the playable level there is not a single difference, I invite you to read the original analysis of the video game on PS4 so that you discover all its great features in relation to the mechanics and everything you need to know when controlling the nice mudokon.

But what really matters in this analysis is how Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty behaves on Nintendo Switch and it should be noted that its performance is more than remarkable. Both in laptop mode and in desktop mode it develops completely stable and without any inconvenience. that compromises your fluency. This is an important point, first of all because of the more than notable differences that some video games usually have between their portable and desktop versions and secondly, because it is a video game in which a minimum cut can tarnish the experience, causing loss some puzzle with disastrous consequences for the mudokon to be rescued. Therefore, the work has been conscientious in this regard and has been transferred in an outstanding way to the hybrid console of Nintendo.

The magic of the cooperative

One of the most popular aspects of a video game, especially among the Nintendo Switch family, is the possibility of play with friends or family. Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty has this option, although it is something different from what you might think. And it is not a cooperative as such, but the classic option of pass the Joy-Con to another teammate when you are defeated. It would have been great if with the arrival to Nintendo Switch the possibility of live the adventure together with two mudokon, but it’s something that I probably would have broken the experienceas it is a game intended for individual adventure. However, if you want to see who can handle the attacks of the sligs, slogs and the rest of the enemies with someone, it can be a very entertaining proposal.

Abe is still a must

The arrival of Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty to Nintendo Switch adds a game to its catalog that was already taking a long time to arrive to show how well the passage of time has done to this beloved title. Its possibilities in portable mode are superb and the option to play it where you want and when you want is everything we were waiting for to advance through the different levels and solve your puzzles with the comfort offered by a console like this. Definitely, A must have to give it another pass before the highly anticipated Oddworld Soulstorm hits the market.