Ochmann? Paty Cantú reveals her new boyfriend, Aislinn Derbez’s ex

Ochmann? Paty Cantú reveals her new boyfriend, Aislinn Derbez’s ex | Instagram

The famous singer Paty Cantu She has recently revealed who her new boyfriend is and it turns out to be an ex of Aislinn Derbez, so the suspicions have been many and this has caused great controversy.

Everything seems to indicate that the new couple of the singer Mexican had a three-year courtship with Aislinn.

There is no doubt that romantic themes come as usual when the singers are happy and of course in love.

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And it is very certain that in the coming weeks we will hear new songs by Paty Cantú, since she has recently revealed her new boyfriend, but that is not all.

And it is about an ex-partner of actress Aislinn Derbez, which surprised her followers too much.

Everything seems to indicate that for three months, the interpreter of ‘Fortunately it is not you’, is dating the actor Christian Vásquez, who had in the past a relationship of three years with the eldest daughter of Eugenio Derbez, this happened before She will marry fellow actor Mauricio Ochmann, who unfortunately today are divorced.

It should be noted that Vásquez, 33 years old and who is also a singer, starred in the series ‘De brutas nada’, and although the singer has always preferred to protect her private life and keep her away from social networks, this time she expressed all her affection she feels for her boyfriend, sharing some photos with him and his pet on his official Instagram account.

And now … what songs will come? Hahahaha you are in the crosshairs, “wrote the singer-songwriter.

While Christian Vásquez added in his personal account a photograph with Paty, who is four years older than the actor, in the middle of a forest, leaving him a beautiful message for the three months they have been together.

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We are going for the 7 and more. Happy about the way that remains to be traveled by your side. So fast… 3 and counting. Thanks! for my photo and for the happy face ”.

On the other hand, the rumors and the trips of the actress Aislinn in Europe seem to indicate that the interpreter is excited about falling in love again and would already have a new love.

And it is that Aislinn has traveled the old continent to meet Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez, who recently sent her flowers to Los Angeles from Belgium.

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It should be noted that they have known each other since 2019, when the actress visited with Kailani, her daughter, a space created by the Los Amigos de la Esquina AC association to empower native children of Tulum, where Jonathan built a school made with plastic to support the project in a sustainable way.

After her divorce from Ochmann, Aislinn Derbez and Jonathan have hit it off and have been interacting for a long time.

The one born in Brussels, Belgium, was part of the guest list for the 35th birthday of the protagonist of ‘A la mala’.

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The Belgian city was only a stop for the oldest of the Derbez brothers, since their itinerary began in the city of Los Angeles, passing through Mexico City, Amsterdam (Holland), Brussels and then arrived in Zurich and finally Lugano, these cities from Switzerland, all in 48 hours to meet Jonathan, who shared some photos of what would be his new partner almost falling asleep.

In addition, the businesswoman also spent a week in Lugano with Jonathan Kubben and shared the best photos she took of her trip.

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