Observed below, Madonna and her shocking return to the stage

Observed below, Madonna and her shocking return to the stage | INSTAGRAM

Just in the week of LGBT + pride, the queen of pop, Madonna, got together to party in New York City and decided to make her reappearance in the scenarios.

In fact, she did it in a shocking way with a blue wig and a garment with the fabric so thin that it could be seen under the wardrobe, appearing in public after almost three years of not having done it and reaffirming that it is the best to get on to do a show. .

This happened at the hotel located in New York called Standard High Line, this Friday morning after a party that lasted quite a long time in which other celebrities such as Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen and Emily Ratajkowski attended.

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The singer had not appeared on a stage of this style since 2019 just when she was attending the gala of the MET.

“It is the first time that I am with people at a party” he expressed with joy during ShowThis is thanks to the world situation that kept many artists away from the stage and from mass events.

The singer also expressed her support for the community saying “Celebrating pride without people would have been a tragedy for me. Take nothing for granted because you never know what awaits us around the corner, learn to love each other and start loving yourself.”


The show lasted very little but it was impressive and made the lives of the fans of the artist very happy. He sang His hit Hung Up and that of “I dont search, i find”.

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The appearance was recorded by some attendees and became a trend in the last hours on the Twitter social network.

But not only because her fans were very happy to see her back on stage singing and doing what she likes the most, but because of her attractive and flirtatious look, because her wardrobe was so thin that her fans managed to appreciate everything underneath in addition to what had quite striking colors that divided opinions among users.

Some of the Internet users considered that it was important to give their opinion and qualify the attitude of the singer as inappropriate, however, she is only enjoying her life and demonstrating that it does not matter what others say but to be happy loving herself, something that Those users who decide to show their dissatisfaction should practice.

The party was held to raise funds for the Ali Forney Center and the Haus of US Two organizations working for the rights of the LGBT + community.

“Everyone in this room is here because they were successful and they are making a difference”, said one of the main activists of the organizations Zachary Quinto “They are in the best party on the planet and pride in the best city in the world so it’s time to make sure that other people can be here too ”.

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