He has recognized that his hobby is spending time in an Oblivion cell in the third era.

By Elena Fever / Updated May 23, 2020, 8:32 PM comments

Despite having been on the market for 25 years, The Elder Scrolls saga with Skyrim at the helm, is one of those thatnever stop going out of style. Between the upgraded versions, the myriad of spectacular mods, the peak merchandising, and its robust community, these Bethesda titles continueoffering funny and curious newsas recently revealed: a player recognizeshaving spent more than 600 years locked up for pleasurein an Oblivion prison in the third era.

If you’ve ever been locked up in Elder Scrolls, you’ve probablywanted to get out of there as soon as possible. The options are to open the door with a win in a single desperate attempt orsleep for the equivalent timeand emptying the skills in progress meter. But there is a third alternative,do nothing and stay there watching the time go by.

To illustrate it with images, the UESP userhas shared his hobbyon social networks with the exact figures. In understandable numbers,225,001 days spent in prison equals 616 years. In addition to losing all the skills he would have accumulated so far, it also means that that character is sitting in his cell whileOblivion’s doors are closed and the prince dadrico Mehrunes Dagon is defeated. Also duringthe events of Skyrim, which take place 200 years later.

We can imagine the crazy situation ofmistakenly stealing a cupcake from any storeand spend as someone who does not want the thing that amount of time locked up without aging, seeing howthe history of the world advances alien to us. A curious experience that joins many others generated by the community such as the Apotheosis expansion or the expansion inspired by The Witcher 3.

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