The unknowns are huge and the NBA strives to try to get ahead the competition despite the recurring problems that arise in recent times. The advance of coronavirus it doesn’t stop and Adam Silver And his team is forced to consider numerous drastic options in the protocol to make the Orlando bubble completely safe. In this line the information announced by ESPN is framed, in reference to those players who cannot reach the Disney World facilities along with the bulk of their teams.

06/17/2020 12:06

Adam Silver and his team have submitted a document of more than 100 pages that includes protocols for crisis and preventive measures.

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And it is that the recurrent positives for coronavirus that are occurring in recent times and the mandatory quarantine to which these players are being subjected, will cause that many franchises cannot count from the first day on their entire staff. The fact that some players drop, poses an evident risk to the integrity of the bubble, which is why the NBA has established the obligation to present a medical authorization to have made the trip, as well as two negative PCR tests.

Players who have to join later, not only for this reason but also for their stay in another continent, for example, will have the option of going to Orlando by charter, car or commercial flight. In case of taking a regular flight, a further negative PCR test will be required, that is, three. It remains to be seen if the franchises bear the costs that these players will have to face to comply with the regulations. It must be remembered that between Tuesday the 7th and Thursday the 9th the teams will land in Orlando and they will have to go through two days of quarantine.

The fact that there are other athletes who join later, can make their training rhythm less and, therefore, increase the risk of injury. In addition, some of the friendly matches that are already scheduled could be lost, so franchises such as Denver Nuggets or Miami Heat, with very recent coronavirus positives, could be clearly at a disadvantage for the resumption of NBA.