While trying to shove rubble into a pit, a Chinese villager got stuck falling into the pit

| 08/11/2020 | ionicons-v5-c13: 33 | Francisco Trejo |

China.- A man of 127 kilograms of Chinese origin was stuck in a well in the backyard of his house.

The man was identified as Liu 28 years old. He was trying to fill the well with rubbish and wood, so he tried to jump on these objects.

Soon the pile of rubble that covered the well broke and poor sir Liu he fell into the well, being caught by the diameter of his abdominal area.

To rescue him, more than 10 elements of the fire brigades had to attend to get him out of that jam.

The rescuers used several ropes to tie him up and stretch him up until they managed to get him out of there.

Fortunately, the man managed to get out of that predicament without any serious injury.