The former president of the United States Barack Obama He said managing his successor Donald Trump’s coronavirus pandemic has been “an absolute chaotic mess,” US media reported Saturday.

Obama made the harsh criticism, the most explicit that he has done so far, on Friday night during a half-hour telephone conversation with former collaborators of his government and from which Yahoo news got a recording.

In the talk, the former Democratic president mentioned the response to the health crisis to refer to the need to choose good leaders and ask his former advisers to get involved in the campaign Joe Biden, his former vice president and virtual Democratic candidate for president in November against Trump.

“The upcoming elections, at all levels, they are very important because we will not only face an individual or a political party, “he said, according to his statements reported by various media.

And he added that the real adversary is “long-term trends” such as “being tribal, being divided, seeing others as enemies,” that threaten to settle in “American life.”

Still very popular with Democrats, Obama previously hinted that the Republican billionaire had “dismissed warnings” about the risks of a pandemic.

Trump’s detractors accuse the president of having minimized the threat first and after giving contradictory and confusing instructions, among calls for caution and the rush to revive the economy.

In the conversation on Friday, the first black president of the United States (2009-2017) also referred to the controversial Justice Department decision to close the case against Michael Flynn, a former adviser to Trump Prosecuted for lying about his contacts with a Russian diplomat.

“There is no precedent that can be found for a person accused of perjury who gets away with it,” he said. Obama.

“That’s the kind of thing you start worrying about that basic understanding, not just institutional norms, but our basic understanding of the rule of law is at risk. ”

“When you take that path, this can go very quickly, as we have seen elsewhere,” he added, and asked not to underestimate this event.

There too, he stresses, there is a reason to support his former vice president.

“That is why I will spend as much time as necessary to campaign as intensely as possible for Joe Biden,” he said.