Oasis guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs wants to make these quarantine days much more fun. Through his social networks, he announced that the band’s iconic album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? 1995 will be the soundtrack for Tim Burgess’ upcoming online listening party.

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This party comes as part of a series presented by Tim Burgess of The Charlatans, who for the past two weeks has been hosting album listening parties with contributions from the brains behind some of the most celebrated Britpop and British indie records. A little over a week ago, Burges announced that the album to be listened to would be nothing more and nothing less than Franz Ferdinand’s self-titled debut album. At this party Alex Kapranos was in charge of taking the microphones and giving a tour of his debut album.

This would be the second time that an Oasis album stars in one of these parties. Last week, Bonehead and Burgess hosted an online listening party for Oasis’ debut album Definitely Maybe. They were joined by Brian Cannon, responsible for creating the album artwork. The three of them fanned out an interesting tour where fans were able to hear first-hand stories and were able to ask Bonehead some questions from twitter with the hashtag #TimsListeningParty.

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All fans around the world who want to join this party, should start playing the album next Saturday, April 4 at 15:05. “For Saturday’s #TimsListeningParty party‘ What’s the Story ’at 10.05pm,” Bonehead tweeted. “I’m going to give a minute for those who listen to the vinyl to change the album, so look at my tweets.”

1. For Saturday’s #TimsListeningParty “What’s the Storyat 10.05pm I’m going to give a minute for those listening on the vinyl to change the disc over so watch my tweets. Also means we’ll be playing Boneheads Bank Holiday which was only available on the vinyl version.

– Paul Arthurs. (@BoneheadsPage) April 2, 2020

He added that the listening will also include a replay of “Bonehead’s Bank Holiday,” a song that was only available on the vinyl version of the album. So you know it, Saturday is a day to listen to (What’s The Story) Morning Glory ?, and ask that question to Bonehead from Oasis who have always wanted to know about the album.