Oasis Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’

The single is considered one of the most important works of the group. Photo: . | .

Oasis is in celebration of the 25th anniversary after the launch of “Don’t Look Back In Anger”, Which is remembered as one of the most emblematic singles of the britpop group. As part of this special occasion, a new ‘lyric video’ has been released through the band’s official channels of “Step out”, One of the topics belonging to side b.

The single was originally released on February 19, 1996, belonging to the group’s second album entitled “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?‘, which would receive its 25th anniversary celebrations last October.

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Thanks to this album, Oasis would establish itself as one of the most important musical phenomena of UK and later in the rest of the world, serving as a source of inspiration for countless artists and groups with his sound that ended up defining the concept of British pop music.

During its release, it would exceed the unenviable number of 22 million units sold globally, being the third best-selling album in the history of music in UK. Following its reissue on vinyl last year, it would once again establish itself among the UK charts at No. 3 in sales.

Accompanying « Step out”, A commemorative video of the subject has also been launched ‘It’s better people”. In addition, the theme “Roll With It”, Which was removed from the original album release and would have been released as their second single.

After the separation of Oasis, the frictions between the brothers Gallagher they have become a regular fixture in the musical environment. During the past month, Liam would issue a New Years message for Noel, asking in the same a possible meeting of the group.

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The band broke up in 2009 when after tensions between the two brothers reached their climax during a performance at Paris. Despite the constant wishes of Liam In bringing the group together, plans have not yet been made in this regard.