O.J. Simpson, remember the controversial case where he killed his ex-wife | .

Maybe the name of Orenthal James Simpson Doesn’t sound familiar to you though when listening to O.J. Simpson probably does make a name for himself primarily because of the accusations against him for taking his ex-wife’s life.

The also actor and conductor today has 73 years old, was born on July 9, 1947, since 1985 he was part of the hall of fame.

The players of the Nfl you become stars practically immediately, of course, it depends a lot on your performance and O.J. Simpsons he was quite a celebrity.

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In 1973 was named the most valuable player in the NflDespite his great success as a player, he decided to retire and become an actor.

Simpson had a life that many wanted to have, success, money, fame and power, this could have been a trigger in his life because in several episodes of his career and his life itself They were related to the excesses, several accusations in addition to the strong controversy that sparked each of the incidents.

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The best known of all was the accusation of having taken the life of not only his ex-wife but also her friend, who were found lifeless.

All the evidence found indicated that the author of said crime had been O.J. Simpsons however thanks to the lawyers he hired among them Robert Kardashian, the father of the Kardashian family, managed to get him declared innocent, although many claim that this was possible due to the mishandling of the process.

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The following video from the channel of the renowned lawyer Miguel Carbonell explains the case of the trial of the former NFL player, it is titled « The Final Report. Documentary about OJ Simpson ».

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Despite the fact that they declared it at the time innocent 1995, but thirteen years later he was declared of all the charges against him, it should also be clarified that not only those accusations were the only ones in which he was involved.

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