YORK – A tourist from New York was arrested for allegedly violating the quarantine
of travelers in Hawaii after posting to Instagram photos of him taking the
sun and a surfboard, according to state officials.

Hawaii authorities have been cracking down on arriving travelers
to the islands and do not follow the mandatory 14-day quarantine, a rule
established to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

As of Friday, Hawaii reported a new COVID-19 case, with a total
state of 638 cases and 17 deaths.

tourists have been arrested for not following the quarantine rule.

The 23-year-old Peters from the Bronx arrived in Honolulu on Monday, said a
press release from the Hawaii Joint Information Center COVID-19.

the tourist left his hotel room the day he arrived and was in many
places and was transported on public transport, “the statement said.
“The authorities became aware of his publications on the networks
social while on the beach with a surfboard, sunbathing and
walking around Waikiki at night. “

from the state attorney general’s office arrested him on Friday for the
morning. Hotel staff told officers they saw Peters leave
from your room and from the hotel on numerous occasions.

Quarantined travelers cannot leave hotel rooms or
residences for no reason except for medical emergencies. The guests
The hotel does not receive cleaning services and must organize the delivery of the

He was arrested and his bond was $ 4,000.

New York tourist could not be immediately reached for comment Friday
and did not immediately respond to messages on an identified Instagram account
like @tariquepeters.

A photo from two days ago with the location “Honolulu – Waikiki Beach” shows him carrying a surfboard on a beach. A May 4 photo shows him wearing a face mask in Bryant Park in New York City.

lawmakers have been fighting over how to improve enforcement
quarantine as people continue to arrive in Hawaii. 252 arrived on Thursday
visitors and 318 residents, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority. During the
same period last year, nearly 30,000 passengers arrived in the state daily
which depends on tourism.

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms,
like fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and
people with existing health problems, can cause more illnesses
severe, such as pneumonia and death.