NYC records the first day with 0 deaths from coronavirus in months and the lowest positivity rates

The coronavirus figures in New York continue to fall to the lowest levels seen since last fall, and this Tuesday only 8 deaths were reported in the entire state, which represents the first time since October 3 that the deceased there are less than 10. And of those deaths that occurred in the last 24 hours, none were registered in the five counties of the Big Apple.

This figure of 0 deaths in New York City contrasts with those reported on Monday, when at the state level there were 18 deaths and of those four occurred in Queens, two in the Bronx, two in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan.

And another figure that has also decreased for 57 consecutive days is the average positivity rate of seven consecutive days at the state level, which this Tuesday stood at 0.65%. While in New York City, a record was broken as was less than 1% for the first time since the record of this percentage began to be recorded, when it stood at 0.83% this Tuesday.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also reported that hospitalizations nearly broke a record low of 1,000, hitting just 1,032 on Monday, the lowest number since Oct. 24. Also, only 391 people tested positive for coronavirus across the state.

“New Yorkers continue to defeat COVID every day and as the numbers continue to decline, we can get our economy working again and move our state forward into the future,” said the Governor, adding that they have followed the science and data and “we have reduced restrictions on people and companies, but our priority continues to be vaccinating more people.”

Low numbers of the coronavirus:

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