NYC municipal workers ‘full’ vaccinated return to their offices without masks and without distancing

As of this Tuesday the New York City municipal workers who are ‘fully’ vaccinated They will be able to return to their offices without wearing masks and without maintaining social distancing, as part of a new order from Mayor Bill de Blasio that seeks to encourage more employees from all agencies to be immunized against COVID-19.

“Because the vaccination is working, we can make this decision to return to normal. The New York City led the way, when announcing last May that it would allow municipal workers to return to their offices, and many people criticized us, but now it has been shown that the moment was right. Many returned and it was done safely and with a lot of control ”, he emphasized De Blasio.

And now, added the Mayor, “we are going to continue setting an example for private employers to follow in our footsteps, and today we announce that Vaccinated ‘full’ employees will be allowed to work without masks and they will not be limited by physical distance. But those who have not yet been vaccinated and especially the workers who must interact with the public, should continue to wear the masks and maintain social distancing ”.

De Blasio explained that although this new measure comes into effect this Tuesday, it will be applied officially and mandatory in all City agencies, as of next July 6.

And by insisting that vaccination is the only route that will lead to Big Apple to normal life, the president said that since the vaccination process began, 9,251,412 doses have been administered in the five counties. “In this city the vaccination effort is gaining momentum, and that is key due to all the challenges we are facing around the world regarding COVID. As our Health team insists, the answer to this is always the same, more and more vaccination, and that is what we are going to do ”, emphasized the president.

“By September we hope to see everyone back in our offices as normal, but of course everything will also depend on the guides of the CDC that we have to continue, since they continue to evolve constantly, but that is the goal: September will be when everyone is back as normal as it was before the pandemic ”, concluded the Mayor.

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