NYC follows evolution of ‘Delta’ variant but rules out for now making changes related to COVID-19

The rapid spread of the variant ‘Delta’ coronavirus disease is increasingly becoming a growing threat to the gains that have been made to keep the pandemic under control. And the increase in the infections of this strain is causing that in many parts of the world restrictions and closure measures are being announced again, as in The Angels, the most populous county in the country, where this Tuesday citizens were asked to wear masks inside public places even if they are already vaccinated.

And the New York City authorities they are very clear that the Big Apple It does not escape this threat, despite the positive numbers of COVID-19 that have allowed to authorize the total reopening, and for that reason this Tuesday they assured that they are closely following the evolution of this variant. And although they confirmed that the current situation is positive here, they did not miss the opportunity to call on New Yorkers not to lower their guard and alert those who have not been vaccinated that they cannot waste time and do so as soon as possible .

“If you’ve been waiting to get vaccinated, this is one more reason why you should run, not walk, to do it. And we know that each dose of the vaccine is another brick in the wall not only against the Delta variant, but against all variants of the virus, ”emphasized Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi.

The top boss of the City Department of Health (DOHMH), explained some of the discoveries about this variant: “We know that it is more transmissible. That means it spreads more easily. It can cause more serious illness, although we don’t have strong evidence yet. But most importantly, we know that vaccines provide strong protection, particularly against serious diseases, against the Delta variant and all the other variants currently circulating in New York City. “

They go at least 172 in New York

Health authorities indicated that so far at least 172 cases in New York, and about a quarter of all those new COVID-19 infections in the Big Apple are related to the variant.

While the total number of coronavirus cases In the city it is still low, with 185 new infections reported this Tuesday, approximately 23% of those cases are of that variant of the coronavirus, according to DOHMH data released Monday.

Meanwhile, the State Department of Health indicated that “as is the national trend, the Delta appears to be increasing in the percentage of variants identified in New York, but it is still far behind other variants.”

The weapon against the ‘Delta’: vaccination

“The most encouraging news is that the vaccine works well against the Delta variant, so having people vaccinated is the best way for all of us to be protected,” said the Dr. Mitchell Katz, President of Health + Hospitals, adding that “we appreciate the media telling people about the variant because it is another reason why if people have delayed vaccination, this is the time to do it. It would not only protect them against the Delta and but all the other variants ”.

And insisting that vaccination is undoubtedly the best weapon against this variant, Mayor Bill de Blasio assured that the City “is observing the Delta with great attention.

We have a lot of information. Obviously we are seeing it all over the world, but the difference here is that we have a very high level of vaccination ”.

“Again, the most recent information is that we have 4.2 million New Yorkers who are fully vaccinated and we have 4.6 million who have received at least one dose, and the overwhelming majority of those people will finish and receive the second dose “, stressed the municipal president.

De Blasio clarified that despite these vaccination numbers, his Administration is ready to act if they see that the situation begins to change for the worse. “But I think it’s very important to remember that things don’t change as fast as flipping a penny. That takes weeks and weeks, and you usually see a lot of evidence sooner if things are getting tough and we have to make some adjustments, but we don’t see that probability at this point. “

Will Los Angeles happen in NYC?

When asked in his daily press conference if the Big Apple could face a situation similar to the one announced this Tuesday in Los Angeles, De Blasio replied: COVID-19 here they continue to move in the right direction. I think the intensity of the vaccination effort is the underlying reason. The bottom line is that we will make adjustments when we see real and consistent evidence, but so far, the data tells us that, in fact, things are still moving in the right direction. “

Dr. Choskshi also addressed the situation in Los Angeles and the comparison with New York, stating that he should be sure to say “that the Delta variant presents a particular risk to people who are not vaccinated. So somehow it’s even more important than it has been if you’re not vaccinated to wear a mask, continue physical distancing, get tested routinely, and so on. With regard to vaccinated people, although they already have strong protection, there are some settings, particularly schools, congregation settings, healthcare settings, where we recommend that everyone continue to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status ”.

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