NYC deliverymen demand more protection

There are an estimated 80,000 food delivery people in the city.

Photo: Edwin Martínez / Impremedia

New York .- The murder of a Mexican delivery man, which occurred last Monday, March 29, has once again raised warnings about the dangers to which these workers, many of them immigrants, are exposed.

Francisco Villalva Vitino, 29, who immigrated from Guerrero to New York a decade ago, was intercepted by assailants in a Harlem neighborhood park while on his way to deliver a meal and his bicycle was stolen, which was recovered shortly after.

The worker, who lived in the Latin Quarter of Harlem, where a large Mexican community has settled, died as a result of a shot to the abdomen and another to the neck.

Gustavo Ajche, delivery man and leader of “Los Deliveristas Unidos”, who recently came together to face and seek solutions to their problems, pointed out that “it is time” for this city to do something for these essential workers.
“We are with his family because we are all exposed to this type of thing, accidents, assaults, an endless number of things that we suffer but we are no longer going to remain silent, in silence, we are organizing ourselves,” he said and announced that they are preparing for a great march next April 21 to demand benefits and safe working conditions.

For his part, delivery man Johan Huerta said: “Enough is enough, they assault us and kill us just for doing our job. How many more have to die for the Police Department (NYPD) and the City to do something ”.
“As a worker I also demand that they protect us because our lives also matter,” he added in a statement posted on social networks.

“My cousin was killed while delivering food for this city. Francisco was an essential worker and deserved to be protected. Now my family demands justice, “said Floriberto Villalva.

“We do not want this to happen again to other food delivery colleagues who are doing one of the most essential jobs without security and without knowing that they will be able to return home alive,” he said.

In statements to the local channel NY1, neighbors indicated that Villalva lived without his family and that he only spent his time working.

“A great shame because these men work hard and hard … they are making sacrifices to take care of their families,” a neighbor identified as Olga told the New York channel.

Manifestation and vigil

Meanwhile, the respartidores await concrete action from the NYPD to see justice for Villalva’s death.

As a measure of pressure, a group appeared this afternoon at the barracks in the area that has the case, and then they go to a vigil to honor the memory of the young worker, according to Ligia Guallpa, executive director of the Labor Justice Project.


The delivery boy’s family opened a page on GoFundMe ( to raise money for funeral expenses and the shipment of his body to Mexico. Until this Sunday they had collected $ 21,000.

Margaret Moy, one of the people who donated, said: “Delivery drivers have one of the toughest and most dangerous jobs. They deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and need stronger protections. “

With information from EFE