Nvidia Launches Exclusive CMP for Ethereum Mining

The technology company Nvidia, inventor of the GPU, has decided to address the “specific needs” of the Ethereum mining community. According to its latest announcement, the firm launched NVIDIA CMP, a dedicated GPU for professional mining.

Indeed, Nvidia believes that creating “tailored products for customers with specific needs offers the best value for their customers.”

Well, they have finally launched their own range of solutions for mining. Specifically, the NVIDIA CMP graphics, which are exclusive for Ethereum mining.

Additionally, Nvidia has announced that the RTX 3060 will be limited for mining. It will surely detect the Ethash algorithm. Which is the one that Ethereum uses for the security of transactions.

GeForce is made to play. CMP is made to mine.

Nvidia launches CMP

With CMP, we can help miners build the most efficient data centers. Meanwhile, we preserve GeForce RTX GPUs for gamers.

In this way, the new range NVIDIA CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processors), it seems that they will be chips not capable of displaying video. But, if the computing power.

In addition, Nvidia indicates that these solutions will not harm the GeForce range.

Graph models

In this regard, NVIDIA has revealed at least four CMP graphics models.

Thus, the CMPs will be available from the first quarter of this year, with two models, 26MH / s and 36MH / s. While in the second quarter they will launch them with 45MH / s and 86MH / s.

Graph models.  Source: Nvidia.Graph models.  Source: Nvidia.Graph models.  Source: Nvidia.Graph models. Source: Nvidia. The simplest will be the CMP 30HX. With a power of 26MH / s and a consumption of 125W. Then we have the CMP 40HX with a power of 36MH / s and a consumption of 185W. For the second quarter we will have the CMP 50HX with a power of 45MH / s and a consumption of 250W. A more powerful solution will be the CMP 90HX with a power of 86MH / s and a consumption of 320W.

As a curious fact, the price they will have is not yet known.

In this regard, it seems like a correct decision. That insurance will allow Nvidia, increase its income and have everyone happy.

It is worth noting that Nvidia has long supported crypto mining, although not so openly.

Investor demand

To recall, in 2017 investors filed a lawsuit against Nvidia. And, they accused the company of reporting on the sales of its GPUs, which were being used for crypto mining.

According to the lawsuit, the company tried to pass the billion dollar sales of chips, for crypto mining, as gaming hardware.

Finally, Nvidia’s comments have been well received by the gamer community. And also on the part of the miners, since what the company offers is to create products especially suitable for mining cryptocurrencies.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Ezio Auditore: «People take little time to judge. But much to be corrected ».

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