With a gross value of $ 251 billion, Nvidia is now more valuable than Intel, the father of modern processors and one of the veterans in the computer industry. The company has far surpassed its previous rebound in value that emerged as a result of the cryptocurrency mining boom.

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According to data from the NASDAQ stock exchange, Nvidia had a massive increase in its profits in recent times. Just for the past year its shares increased in value by 70%. From an approximate cost of 280 USD they rose to 408 dollars in the past months.

It is a surprising scenario considering that Nvidia has been characterized for only designing its products, but not for manufacturing them. The chip company does not have its own factories, unlike Intel and other tech companies.

Over the past few years, the boom in cryptocurrency mining has increased the demand for Nvidia’s products, especially GPUs. This was before obtaining a virtual currency was almost impossible due to the mining farms that China and other countries opened, monopolizing much of the market.

The other sector that undoubtedly boosted the value of Nvidia through the skies was gaming. With the popularity of its graphics cards and the growth of users who prefer to build their own PCs, Nvidia is often an obvious choice for consumers. Not to mention that the video game industry also saw a rebound thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

In its latest tax report, Nvidia stated that approximately 50% of its earnings (approximately $ 10.9 billion) came from the video game industry. The remainder is spread across data centers, the automotive industry, and manufacturers of televisions and monitors.