BRASILIA – The protest of a group of nurses for better working conditions and the maintenance of social isolation during the new pandemic coronavirus ended in confusion after supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro tried to interrupt the act and assault the professionals. The demonstration took place this Saturday morning, 1st, in Brasilia, at Three Powers Square.

Nurses had to leave the scene accompanied by military police

Photo: Reproduction / Estadão Content

The nurses did a silent act. Dressed in lab coats and wearing protective masks, they positioned themselves in rows, holding crosses and respecting the recommended distance of at least one meter between each one. On the posters, phrases such as “nursing in mourning for the victims of Covid-19. Stay at home”.

The group recorded the moment when about ten people dressed in green and yellow start filming the professionals and verbally assaulting them. The group was part of another act in support of the president Jair Bolsonaro. The nurses were called “shameless”, “cowards” and “functional illiterates”.

“You are going to be wiped out, left-handed. You are going to lose. We are going to wipe you out of this nation,” a man shouted at the nurses.

After a few minutes, the images show that the same man approaches a nurse and exalts himself supposedly because of a gesture, screams again and calls her mediocre. Another professional is placed between the two to protect her colleague. In the image, the man gets to hold one of the nurses tightly, just as he does with other people who try to contain him in the sequence.

Finally, nurses had to leave the scene accompanied by military police.

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