Little by little, normality also arrives in education. The nursery schools of the Community of Madrid open today with the same hours and services in force during the 2019-20 academic year, after the suspension of face-to-face classes was decreed on March 11 due to the impact of the coronavirus in the region.

Student attendance is “voluntary” and children whose parents work outside the home have “priority”. In addition, centers integrated into the public network and privately owned centers supported by public funds will have their “complete” staff to better serve students.

The Madrid Executive, as recalled by the Ministry of Education, transferred on June 22 to all centers, both public and private, the instructions to carry out this reopening in complete safety.

The families interested in this service have communicated to the centers the attendance of the children before this Tuesday, June 30, so that the schools can organize specific groups of a stable nature for the development of the activities.

Similarly, each center has adopted safety-related regulations, which range from the arrival of children to the center until their departure.

Throughout the month of July, the organizational measures adopted will be evaluated and “changes and adaptations” may be introduced to increase security for the start of the 2020-21 academic year.

In order to reopen, nursery schools have had to adopt the prevention and hygiene measures dictated by the Ministry of Health, such as “avoiding crowds and group activities”, following hygiene measures for hand washing and carrying out cleaning and disinfecting the facilities at least once a day.

As for hygiene measures, the centers will place disinfectant gel dispensers in those classes that do not have a handwashing basin with soap and water, and the facilities will be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day, reinforcing it in those spaces that require it depending on the intensity of use.

Likewise, special attention will be paid to common use areas and the most frequent contact surfaces such as door knobs, tables, furniture, handrails, floors, telephones, hangers, and other elements with similar characteristics.

The bathrooms and toilets will be cleaned adequately depending on the intensity of use, at least three times a day, while in all of them there will be soap and paper dispensers available for drying hands, or alternatively hydroalcoholic gel, owing the Students carefully wash their hands each time they use the toilet.

The heads of the centers must monitor the cleaning of litter bins and the availability of soap, hand-drying paper and hydroalcoholic gel, and the use of paper documents and their circulation will be limited as much as possible.

Likewise, the handkerchiefs used by staff and students for drying hands will be discarded in wastebaskets with bags or containers protected with a lid and, if possible, operated by pedal.

Regarding personal hygiene material (masks, latex gloves, etc …) it must be deposited in the rest fraction (grouping of household waste that is obtained once the separate collections have been carried out).

The Community of Madrid has reiterated its commitment to education for children between the ages of 0 and 3, while recalling the economic plan created in order to safeguard and prevent the closure of nursery schools in the region. For this, last May it announced the launch of a plan, endowed with about 18 million euros, to mitigate the economic effects that the Covid-19 crisis is causing in these centers.

Within the aid of the regional government, indirectly managed nursery schools, according to the Contract Law, will be entitled to compensation for damages, once the total suspension of the contract has been lifted, on July 1.

Likewise, in the case of the municipalities and other entities with which the Community of Madrid has agreements, an addendum to the current collaboration agreement in Early Childhood Education has been processed to pay them the amounts previously and adequately justified that they have had to face for the effects of the coronavirus.

In addition, the Madrid Executive will create a new line of subsidies for those private nursery schools in which there were children enrolled with the right to a children’s check, in order that they receive an equivalent aid for the amount of the same.