Nurse wins the lottery and makes radical decision after more than a hard year of work due to the pandemic

A little over a year ago, life changed absolutely all of us because of the issue of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although it seems that COVID-19 is beginning to give us a sigh thanks to the issue of vaccines, the truth is that in all the countries of the world thousands of doctors and nurses continue in the front line of battle, working long hours and not caring about the risk that their own lives run to save those of others.

For this reason, it is not surprising that those who most want this to end and soon we return to normality are them; It is even probable that a large part of the health personnel wants to take a long and well-deserved rest.

That’s what he intends to do a 65-year-old British nurse named Teresa Robinson, who has not stopped working since the pandemic began. A stroke of luck seems to have changed his life completely.

Teresa lives in Woodbridge, a small town of just 7,500 in eastern England. On April 15 participated in the “Set for Life” lottery draw, a game awards several monthly prizes of different amounts.

It turns out that Teresa turned out to be the winner of this lottery prize, which will endow her with $ 14,000 a month for a whole year.

The nurse is already very clear about what she wants to do with her award: buy a house on a small island in the Caribbean called Nieves, with the intention of spending more time with her partner and her entire family, putting land in the middle with all the difficult things she has experienced due to the coronavirus in recent months.

“We could never stay long enough for work. Now we are hatching a plan to buy a house there so that we can spend months on the island, enjoying all it has to offer and catching up with the family, ”he explained.

When I scanned my ticket in the lottery app and heard the winning sound, I expected to see enough to get a small gift for our dinner, but not for a second expected 10,000 pounds a month for a year, “said the winner in an interview for the BBC.

“I was jumping off the wall, but Charlie (his partner), calm as always, looked at the ticket and just said, ‘I knew we would win the lottery one day.’ Afterwards, he gave me a kiss and left to continue working on his own, ”he added.

After 35 years of hard work and service, Robinson plans to retire next June. However, until that day arrives, he will continue to work as he has been doing forever, he even assured that he could not celebrate his good luck because that day when he found out that he had won the lottery he had to work the entire weekend shift. .

“I am proud to have served my community during the pandemic and I feel that I have earned my retirement and the days of leisure that we will spend on the island of Nevis; of course, we will not travel there until it is safe to travel ”, stated this nurse.

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