Lucy, a nurse at the Cuernavaca General Hospital, had to send her son to live at her sister’s house to avoid infecting him.

By Héctor Raúl González

The hardest part of the pandemic is not being able to have contact with your relatives, says Lucy, a nurse at the Cuernavaca General Hospital, where the largest number of infected patients with Covid-19 are treated in Morelos.

It was also difficult for her to send her son to live at her sister’s house to avoid infecting him.

For infected patients it is not being able to be close to their loved ones.

The most difficult thing is not having the hug of your son, from your sisters, from your dad, also from friends, because also the embrace of the friend, of the friend is necessary, they are part of our friendship and it is very, very difficult and what weighs the most is that you cannot be near your family ”, he says in an interview.

Just a few days ago, he was informed that he had to care for patients in the isolated area.

Although she received training to do so, she confesses that sometimes she feels that fear is about to overcome her.

“They always told us that we had to be prepared to support colleagues who are in the service at any time, especially since it is already a Covid patient hospital, and the day came when they told you‘ you know what? You get off and you will support. And yes, the first day they told me ‘Here is your suit, here is your uniform, please support us’ and I’m in shock, ”he says.

“It is a fear. Since this whole pandemic started, we have received courses, courses and courses, but it is different for you to take the course than for you to arrive and ‘you know what? Put it on because you’re going to enter the area and you’re going to be in contact with the patients directly. ’ My thought was ‘My God, help me because I am going to be infected, I did not know the panorama that was really living inside, I did not know how the patients were, in what situation of the disease they were, so you enter with fear“He confesses, but the vocation is more.

In Morelos, of all confirmed patients 185 are health sector workers, of which 9 have lost their lives, including five doctors, three nurses and other workers from various areas.

Lucy explains part of what she does when she arrives at the hospital.

“You put on your surgical (uniform), then the special suit they give us and to go in with the patients because they need our care, they need us to be there with them; The truth is that the patients feel abandoned, more than anything by the relatives, very anxious that they want to see them, that if they have already spoken, that if we already communicate with them, that where they are.

“They are mixed feelings, both of oneself and towards the patients, because we don’t know how to tell them to calm down, that they are well out there, that they calm down, that everything will be fine, things that we have never handled in such a big situation, ”he said.

Some patients are aggressive and should reassure them; Others are sad, depressed and that also affects their recovery.

And although for many nurses are heroines, for others they are a source of contagion, reason why sometimes they face discriminatory treatments and even aggressions.

“It is very unfair because people do not know what we go through in the hospital unit, they do not know the risks we run, and that we can infect our families as well. They do not imagine and they walk in the street as if nothing, without mask, that is the great sadness that one feels, I feel that because you limit yourself, you isolate yourself from your family, you do not visit, you send your son with your sister so that other people do not know, take care or have those hygienic measures that they must have, they don’t care, but they do attack the health personnel.

“I say this because there are compañeras who, with their eyes, who do not want to get on the transport, a compañera who comes from Tepoztlán and already sees that there is almost no transport from there, that they are limited, so people stand aside, no they want to upload them, some come from Jojutla, from Zacatepec; Pullman himself did not want to bring them, much aggression and with looks, thank God that has not happened to me, I would not know how to act the truth if that situation came, “he says.

The request, like that of all personnel working in the health sector, is that people who can stay home.

When Lucy returns to her house “there is seven peace, one feels relaxed because we already know that we are going to get home. A peace and you say: the day is over, thank God the day is over, I will try to relax, to be calm to start a new day with the same fear, the same feeling that we are living day by day“, Expresses.