Nuria Marín uploads a video in her underwear, receives criticism and gives a resounding response

Nuria Marín in Telecinco. (Photo: Telecinco)

The presenter of Telecinco Nuria Marín has starred in a zasca of those that resonate in any corner of the planet.

The Mediaset journalist published a video on Thursday in which she appears in her underwear doing handstanding (which has been doing a handstand) with the wall. “Doing this makes your shoulders and abs strong! Cheer up! ”, He assured.

In the video, Marín appeared in underwear and a tank top. It was precisely the fact that she published the video without pants that caused the comments of several of her followers, who launched into criticizing her and asking her if it was really necessary.

“It’s super important to do it in panties, if not, it’s not okay,” said one. “Important, go out in panties!” Exclaimed another, while a third insisted on knowing “if it was necessary to go out in panties.”

Marín replied to these messages and made it clear that she was going to take and upload the photos and videos as she wanted. “In my house I go like this. And here you are, commenting, “he replied to one.

To the one who told him that it was important to go out in panties, he replied with a blunt “just as important as your comment.”

But the most famous answer was taken by the one who asked if it was necessary to go out in panties. “The truth is that it is not necessary, but I do it because it comes out of the triumphal arch”, settled Marín.


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