Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook are experiencing significant connection problems, once again. Many users are suffering during the early hours of this Tuesday afternoon, which points to being a partial and intermittent crash, in some cases, of these platforms.

As usual, this interruption of the services of two of the most important social networks and one of the most important instant messaging platforms on the planet occurs for unknown reasons for now.

Despite this apparently general incidence, some users are not experiencing problems even in Spain, the area with the greatest impact

Fall especially in Spain, but also in other parts of the world

Annotation 2020 07 28 141437 Incidence of WhatsApp crash estimated by Downdetector.

Downdetector maps reveal that the falls of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook are taking place essentially in Spain, although some incidence is also detected in the United Kingdom, the east coast of the United States, some parts of Brazil, central Europe and South Africa.

Despite this apparently widespread incidence, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, We have been able to verify that some users these services provided by Facebook Inc. work with apparent normality, although the comments on social networks coincide with the enormous impact estimated by the maps that show in real time the problems and interruptions of digital services.

Annotation 2020 07 28 142610Annotation 2020 07 28 142610 Twitter trends in Spain.

For their part, affected users experience serious connection problems both from the mobile applications of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook and from their websites or desktop versions. However, some of them report that the drop on WhatsApp is intermittent and not total, as it is being experienced on Instagram or Facebook.