Number of deaths from COVID-19 in Mexico is “unusual, with no prior precedent,” acknowledges López-Gatell

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Health, acknowledged that the number of deaths from COVID-19 is “unusual, with no prior precedent”

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, recognized that the death toll per COVID-19 in Mexico, which has already exceeded 100,000 is “unusual, no previous antecedent“.

In a press conference, the federal official pointed out that in the world the COVID-19 epidemic has occurred at different rates, “all of them generally unfavorable for humanity.”

Mexican society had no prior antecedent of an acute infectious disease that could cause such a rapid spread and affect the lives of so many people, ”he said.

He also pointed out that in previous years, in our country the main causes of death are related to chronic diseases, injuries from external causes and accidents at home.

COVID-19, an emerging disease, has been positioning itself as one of the main causes (causes of death), we do not know of course what it will end up being, to the extent that the epidemic continues, in which other conditions also continue ”, exposed.

The Health Secretary announced this Thursday that there are one million 19 thousand 543 accumulated confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexico, while there are 100,104 deaths from the disease.

With this figure, Mexico exceeded the so-called “catastrophic scenario” by 40 thousand deaths.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital