Number of children crossing the border into the US drops in May

The number of unaccompanied children and from families illegally entering the United States through its southern border decreased considerably in May, although it remains at high levels, authorities said Wednesday.

Last month they met 14,158 migrant minors unaccompanied, below 17,148 in April and the record of 18,951 in March. The May number was the third all-time high.

Although they have fallen since March, the large numbers of migrants arriving at the border have created a huge challenge for the administration of President Joe Biden. During her visit to Guatemala on Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris sent a message to those who plan to make the crossing to the border: “Don’t come.”

The government published the figures in your website on Wednesday night, again quietly, unlike the presidency of Donald Trump, whose officials spread the monthly totals with fanfare and answered questions from the press.

In total, 180,034 encounters were registered in May on the border with Mexico, slightly more than the 178,854 the previous month, and the increase corresponded mainly to adults who were alone. The total number of meetings is almost close to the all-time highs of the last 20 years, although they are not directly comparable, because recent expulsions under a pandemic-related measure do not carry legal consequences, which encourages people to try to cross multiple times.

The President Biden has maintained Faculties of the Trump administration are in force that allow the expulsion of those who cross the border, in less than two hours in general, using the health argument that they are trying to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Meetings with families totaled 44,794 in May, compared with 50,228 in April. Only one in five families was evicted last month according to the authority related to the pandemic.

Almost nine out of 10 adults alone they were expelled according to the public health emergency. Unaccompanied children are not expelled and are allowed to remain in the United States to apply for asylum.


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