This afternoon we spoke with David de la Zerda, the pulmonologist who is director of the Jackson Hospital intensive care unit, who told us that the situation is critical, that for now the flow of patients has been managed because it is a large hospital, but By following the flow of these last days you are going to be in serious trouble.

David de la Zerda says that “each and every unit in South Florida is reaching its limit capacity.”

Of 395 intensive care beds in Miami Dade, 363 are occupied, only 32 more are available, and when they are occupied they will have to use other resources.

De la Zerda says “that it is true that patients at this stage of the coronavirus crisis are much younger than at the beginning, but affirms that it is not true that they are out of danger.” And not everyone comes with previous chronic illnesses

“Most of the patients we have had no previous disease and are young and healthy people, there are a few who have obesity and other problems,” he says.

A group of municipal mayors who have joined forces say they are aware of how critical the situation is and that of Miami Francis Suarez does not rule out “an order to stay home, if of course I have always said that from the first moment … it has to be done together with the mayors ”.

And he added that also consulting with the medical experts and the affected industries and to avoid this, the mayor of Hialeah Carlos Hernandez made this call:

“Many people have not taken we saw open places that looked like nightclubs people having parties in their houses people not wearing masks quoting they had to wear it all starts with us, personal responsibility”

The county has a plan to convert hundreds of additional beds to intensive care beds if needed, and we have reported that the governor has sent 100 additional nurses and employees to assist Jackson’s health system, the largest public health system in the south florida.