Former NBA star Dirk Nowitzki, who retired last year after two decades in the elite, has explained that he is still looking for “a new challenge” to remove the “competition hunger” that he still feels, although not necessarily as a coach.

04/30/2020 at 13:24


Europa Press

“There are many possibilities, I look forward to what is to come and I will definitely need a new challenge, the hunger for competition is simply too great, “the former Mavericks player said in statements to dpa ..

Although he settled in Dallas, where he played his entire NBA career, Nowitzki also aims to help his native country. “I imagine working with playersbut I would also support things in Germany, “he said.

The German retired a year ago, but will remain in the United States with his wife Jessica and their three children. “The Mavericks are naturally an option,” he acknowledged, adding that he is not seduced by the job of coach. “In the past I have always said that I do not see myself on the bench and that has not changed much“he stressed.

In any case, the sixth highest scorer in NBA history does see his future tied to basketball. “This sport has given me a lot. I have seen the world and I have experienced things that I would not have had without basketball. Of course, I also want to give something back in the future,” he concluded.