“Now you can’t do the castings, but I think ‘OT’ will come back”

Coinciding with the first anniversary of the premiere of ‘Operación Triunfo 2020’, Noemí Galera gave an interview to the program « Adolescents XL » to review her experience in this successful Gestmusic format. Catalunya Ràdio’s millennial space, directed and hosted by Roger Carandell, started the conversation by recalling the most atypical edition of the talent show that the director of the Academy described as « the most freaky I’ve ever experienced ». « I look at it and it gives me the feeling that more time has passed, because so many things have happened, » confesses the Catalan when seeing that it has been more than a year since the premiere. « I’m happy because we were able to finish the edition, because there was a moment when I doubted it », he assures.

Noemí Galera in « Adolescents XL »

Although the key question came when Gestmusic’s casting director was asked about the future of the format: « I don’t know if ‘OT’ will come back. Today you can’t do castings like we do, but I think it will come back. » Galera believes that « now is not the time » due to the delicate situation the country is going through with the coronavirus crisis and the strict sanitary measures. « I’m never lazy ‘OT’, I really enjoy it and I have a great time, even if it’s three exhausting months, « he explains.

Despite not confirming a close edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’, he did propose a project that he wants to see on the small screen in 2021: « Now I would like to do something for the 20th anniversary ». October 22 marks two decades since the premiere of ‘OT 1’ in 2001 and it would be a perfect date to repeat the commented ‘OT. El reencuentro ‘or a similar format to pay tribute to the program and its contestants. In fact, Tinet Rubira himself, director of Gestmusic, has already hinted that something along these lines could be brewing. When asked by a Twitter user if they are preparing something to celebrate it, the manager replied: « What do you think? »

« An ‘OT All Stars’ is very difficult to do »

Beyond the twelfth edition and the possible special event for the anniversary, the program’s collaborators continued to insist on the possibility of expanding the universe of the format with a VIP delivery: « An ‘OT All Stars’ is very difficult to do ». But before the desire of those responsible for « Adolescents XL », Galera was open: « If it can be done … where do I have to sign? ». At the moment, the plans of Spanish Television with the ‘OT’ brand are unknown or if it could finally jump to a streaming platform as Rubira already advanced in an interview with FormulaTV.