Now you can share applications with Google Play without using WiFi or data

You can only use this feature with users who are nearby.

A very interesting function has brought the Android application store, Google Play Store, where users are allowed to share applications with close people without using WiFi connection or mobile data.

Google Play made the launch of this new function official through its blog since December, explaining that it will now be possible to send applications through Nearby Share, a feature that many were undoubtedly waiting for.

The app store in its last update will have the option « Share with Neardy », with which you can share applications and updates without having access to the internet.

How to share apps and updates

The route to share on Google Play Store using Neardy Share is very simple.

You will have to follow the route Play Store> My apps and games> Share. In this last option you can send and receive apps and updates.

Another thing is that we will have to have our location activated since Neardy sends and receives with people close to us. So you will have to accept and grant the permissions to the application.

With Neardy you will have the possibility to send one or several applications at the same time, selecting the ones you want to share and then touching the Send button.

You will see a small window at the bottom showing the devices that are nearby and we touch the device that previously indicated « receive ».

It is important to note that everything will be sent via Bluetooth or WiFi Direct, so it is not necessary to have an internet connection.