Now you can pay with Dash in more than 150,000 merchants in the United States

The Dash cryptocurrency will become more accessible to users in the United States thanks to the recent investment made by the Dash Investment Foundation (DFI) in the mobile payment platform CrayPay.

According to a statement published by Dash, now users will be able to make purchases at at least 155,000 retail stores and 75 websites. They add that with this association they will offer the public some benefits, including discounts of up to 10% and bonus promotions. In addition, they ensure that the transaction fees are very low.

Ryan Taylor, CEO Dash Core Group, reported on his Twitter account that they are “already negotiating with other retailers” that they hope to add to their list very soon.

Not only will users have access to more spending opportunities for their Dash, but they can save far more than they could afford with a cash-back credit card, providing a strong incentive to use Dash as often as possible. ».

Ryan Taylor, CEO of DFI.

cryptocurrency association means paymentcryptocurrency association means paymentRyan Taylor ensures that users will get instant savings on all their purchases, which will give them a real incentive to use the cryptocurrency. Source: @ RTaylor05 / Twitter

For his part, CrayPay CEO Marshall Greenwald was excited to partner with Dash. He highlighted that Dash’s InstantSend technology (immediate payments) eliminates chargeback risks, allowing CrayPay to instantly authorize payment to our trading partners, “so Dash is truly the best option for low-cost instant payments on our platform. “

How to use Dash in CrayPay?

In a promotional video that Dash launched on their YouTube channel, they describe how payments will be made quickly, easily and without cards, since all you need is a smartphone and download the CrayPay app.

To make payments, the invoice to be paid must be entered in the application. Then, it generates a gift card for the amount of the purchase, which is shown to the cashier where the purchase is made. By using this form of payment, monthly savings in cryptocurrencies can be made taking into account the discounts.

At the security level, CrayPay has the advantage that if the user loses their phone, there is no way for another person to use the application, since a facial identification or fingerprint identification system is used to access it. In addition, the digital wallet it does not store credit or debit card information on the phone or in its systems.

As explained in the CriptoNoticias Cryptopedia, Dash is presented as a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin and focused on privacy. It was created in 2014 under the name XCoin (XCO), then it changed its identity to Darkcoin and in 2015 it was finally called Dash, who seeks to offer faster and more private transactions.

The Dash Investment Foundation continues to work to further achieve the adoption of its cryptocurrency, despite the fact that it has been hindered in countries such as South Korea where it was banned (considering them “dark cryptocurrencies”).