Now you can be a VIP trader on Binance and have benefits

Recently Binance announced that they are expanding their VIP service, and they are also developing new campaigns for traders. We already tell you more details about it. With these promotions the Binance exchange offers competitive trading rates, 24/7 support and many more.

What is the Binance VIP program?

The VIP program is a way to reward high volume traders while increasing their income with unique benefits and advantages. The program consists of 9 VIP levels, where each level requires a greater volume of operations than the previous one, but also has better benefits.

To become a VIP operator, you must meet two requirements. The first requirement is simple: you must have at least 50 BNB in ​​your wallet. The second requirement is a 30-day trading volume of at least 50 BTC for spot trading or at least 250 BTC for futures trading. Only once you meet these two requirements will you be eligible to apply.

According to the Binance post, once this is all done, you need to reach out to them via

What are the benefits of belonging to the VIP program?

The Binance VIP level allows you to enjoy discounts on commissions and other benefits throughout the Binance ecosystem, whether it be in spot, futures or margin trading. Specifically Binance mentioned:

Competitive trading rates Exclusive sub-account services for VIPs Personalized assistance from VIP account managers Gifts and merchandising to celebrate special occasions Exclusive annual VIP dinner with the Binance team and partners The Market Maker Program for VIP partners eligible.

In addition to the above benefits, you can increase your VIP performance and level up with regular campaigns and promotions created to help you grow and achieve better results.

They also offer programs where you can expand your opportunities, for example you have the opportunity to go from being a miner to being a trader. In this case, if you are a Binance Pool miner, from now on you can also enjoy the benefits of the VIP program throughout the Binance ecosystem.

They will determine your VIP level based on your average daily hashrate in Binance Pool. Benefits include business benefits, service benefits, green benefits, etc. Also, Binance VIP users who are not actively mining in the Binance Pool can enjoy discounted fees when they connect their hashrate to the Binance Pool.

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