Now they will use their appetite to incentivize vaccination in NYC by giving free ‘burgers’ from Shake Shack

As New York City is working hard to vaccinate against COVID-19 for more New Yorkers, is also giving displays of great creativity looking for ever more original ways to incentivize immunization, such as the announcement that it is now They will give out free fries and Shake Shack hamburger coupons to whoever proves they got the shot.

Using appetite to motivate people to receive a dose of the vaccine is the newest idea that Mayor Bill de Blasio presented this Thursday, ensuring that New Yorkers will not miss this opportunity to delight in one of the most famous burger in the Big Apple.

“We need all New Yorkers to get vaccinated,” he insisted. Mayor, adding that that is why they continue to “make the process more and more convenient and easy, but above all we know that incentives help and that is why we have announced free tickets, gift cards, a whole series of incentives to encourage people, because many are ready to be vaccinated, but they only need a stimulus, and that is what we are doing now ”.

And trusting that this new idea will be a success, the Mayor stressed: “If there’s one thing that I think unites New Yorkers, it’s the love for Shake Shack!”

The Shake Shack President Randy Garutti participated live in De Blasio’s press conference, speaking from the original venue in Madison Square Park, indicating that if you get vaccinated in the next few days at the mobile vaccination clinics that run through the most underserved neighborhoods, “you will receive a coupon for a Shake Shack burger. And better than that, our twenty-five locations throughout New York City they will give free fries to whoever shows their vaccination card”.

But in addition to the hamburger vouchers, De Blasio also announced another additional incentive, free tickets to live music festivals. ‘Governors Ball’ at Citi Park and ‘Global Citizen Live’ in Central Park, which will be held again this summer in the Big Apple, after being suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic.

“If you get vaccinated, you have a chance to win free tickets to those amazing music festivals for which people wait a whole year to enjoy them ”, announced De Blasio.

Until this Thursday, and counting from the beginning of the vaccination process, the number of doses administered in the city was 7,277,505, What is expected will continue to increase in the coming days not only because of the countless incentives that are being offered, but also because the age of eligibility to receive injections is increasingly expanding.

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