After the commented interview offered by the urban music interpreter Aliany Garcia in the program El Gordo and La Flaca, where she insulted and accused Cardi B of various things, the famous rapper was not silent, saying that now the « Univisión people will think that the Dominican is crazy« 

In one of her usual « live » sessions, Cardi spoke on the subject and said that her words on the Dominican-Haitian theme were a « misunderstanding. »

« I don’t want problems with the people of the Dominican Republic, and I always want the country, that my dad is always on high. I made my tits when I was 19 years old, and I stayed there (RD) for two months, and I have gone to the DR many times, and of all the islands the DR is my favorite over there, you really enjoy it, ”said Cardi. .

During the « live », on the subject the rapper showed some images, which is on YouTube, where they talk about the abuse that Dominicans give to their Haitian neighbors.

« When I was talking about Dominicans who have to treat Haitians better, I never called them racists, I never said that Dominicans are crawlersNot bad for a Dominican. I was talking about what I see when the Americans, the gringos that you love so much, that you respect so much what they put on YouTube, ”said the rapper.

The voice of « Bodak yellow » insisted that « when I am saying that let’s treat Haitians better it’s because the American people have you discredited. « 

On this occasion Cardi spoke clearly and slowly and referred to the subject of Aliany saying: « An insipid one comes speaking for the Dominican people. Now the people of Univision world will think that one is crazy or that one is a donkey or stupid. Nothing else as if the Dominican people are always in trouble or that we are crazy, but we are not crazy ”.

Likewise, he denied the interpreter of « I want to blast a baseball player » denying that he knocked down an Instagram page as he had said in the famous show business.

« If they downloaded your page, it’s because you were doing something vulgar, » he replied to García. He also advised him to stop going to the programs to speak negative things that make the Dominican face the world wrong.

The two rappers have long had a dime and direte, but it intensified a few days ago when Cardi B published a photograph of the Dominican and Haitian flags together with the motto « Unity is what I represent and what I am. »

From that moment the criticism did not stop and Offset’s wife had to go out several times to defend herself and even went so far as to say that she would not return, nor would she speak more of the Dominican Republic.

Among those who lashed out at Cardi was Aliany, who has since missed the opportunity to criticize the Latin Grammy nominee.