now risk as before the injury

Marc Márquez has got back on his Repsol 265 days after that fateful accident in the first race of the 2020 World Cup that cost him the entire season due to the accident with a humerus fracture he suffered. All that has already been left behind as the pilot himself has shown on his return to competition in the first free practice sessions of the Portuguese GP.

A lap that has generated enormous expectation and that has not disappointed since Márquez finished his first set of laps in an impressive third position, for a pilot who, we insist, had not driven for nine months. Despite having a prudent start, unsurprisingly, he did not lag behind and was holding the guy to the pilots who were filming at the same time as him.

After staying just three tenths behind Bagnaia in the first free practice sessions and setting the third time, in the seconds he was sixth to four, but in any case with a more than acceptable performance on his lap.

Márquez already risks as before, and proof of this is not only to see how elbow sticks out on the asphalt as before, but also already controls the bike despite that time off the track.

If Márquez’s time was good, sixth, the sensations were much better. The smiles that escaped his mouth when he was in the box commenting on the play were the confirmation that, despite what he said the day before, he is already in a position to fight with the greats.

The Ducati seem to be the bikes to beat, with the permission of the Yamaha (Fabio Quartararo finished second) and the Suzuki, since the champion Joan Mir wants to make up and set the third time of the session.

All a declaration of intentions, despite the fact that this Friday the big headline has the form of a warning in capital letters for all pilots: Marquez is back.