Now it is Qualcomm the company that confirms that it will not attend in person

The bleeding continues of companies that will not participate in person at the Mobile World Congress 2021. If this week Samsung and Lenovo confirmed that they would not come to Barcelona to be present during the event, now it’s Qualcomm’s turn, one of the most emblematic companies of the MWC and whose stand is not usually exactly small.

As reported by Qualcomm in a statement, “while we appreciate the health and safety measures that the GSMA is implementing for MWC Barcelona, ​​we have decided that it is best for our employees and customers to Qualcomm’s participation is virtual this year“So Qualcomm will participate online, as will many other companies.

One more low for MWC 2021

Qualcomm is one of those companies that are easy to find at MWC. It usually has a fairly large booth full of demos related to 5G and augmented reality. It is a firm that makes sense to participate in events such as the MWC, since, beyond the demos and curiosities, the Mobile World Congress, deep down, is an event focused largely on B2B.

However, it seems that the measures taken by the GSMA have not been enough to convince the American company. The (armored) GSMA has put on the table a whole set of security-related measures, such as a limited capacity, submitting a negative COVID-19 test to enter and certain improvements related to infrastructure, ventilation and spaces.

Be that as it may, there are still companies that, in principle, will participate in person, such as Xiaomi, Huawei or ZTE. Nevertheless, there are still days until June 28, so we will have to wait to see if more signatures are added to the virtual format. Among the big names that have already confirmed that they are not present in person are Lenovo, Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, Google and Sony.

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