Lexus has presented the new IS 350 2021 virtually and you can check all its details virtually through your phone

The way in which the cars is being revolutionized, and is that after confinement by coronavirusAutomotive brands have chosen to use technology to make their new releases known to all fans.

This time, Lexus decided to virtually present the new Lexus IS 350 in its 2021 generation, and using augmented reality, you can witness the entire exterior and interior of the car without missing a single detail.

The tool was “designed so that users can explore the vehicle through their smartphone or tablet,” reported the luxury brand of Toyota.

“With social distancing as a new normal around the world, Lexus was inspired to develop the technology necessary to showcase design and its latest performance characteristics,” added Lexus.

In order to use this service it is necessary to install the application Lexus AR Play, which provides an interactive preview of the vehicle launched in 1998, and where users can “virtually walk around to get close 360-degree interior and exterior views.”

Another option Lexus AR Play It is the gamification function to virtually drive the IS in augmented reality like a remote controlled car. It is also possible to customize the exterior of the vehicle with eight colors on request, as well as opening and closing the doors and the trunk.

Thanks to Lexus AR Play, you can also “explore the vehicle’s design, performance and safety features with high-level audio narration,” the brand shared.

According to the Digital Trends portal, with Lexus AR Play You will be able to see 3D cuts of key technical characteristics, the engine and the chassis, in addition to capturing photos to share with friends or through social networks.

The application is available for devices with iOS and Android in the App Store and Google play, respectively, while the vehicle will arrive at dealerships in late fall.


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