now he goes against his family without caring about anything else

Isabel Pantoja is determined to move forward and move forward to achieve her happiness, without caring about anyone else.

Isabel Pantoja She is a woman of character, as she has shown on multiple occasions. The internal struggle that she maintains with her son Kiko Rivera for the inheritance of Paquirri that she keeps safely in Cantora has led her to take a step forward.

Although she has been very discreet in this matter, because she does not declare to the pink press, she has known how to move the chips, because her intention would be to begin her exile to Kiko Rivera. Many would say that the betrayal that his son has caused him has made him really feel bad. Isabel Pantoja. So he has wanted to recover what is his in a very subtle way.

However, for Kiko Rivera this would be revenge on the part of her mother Isabel Pantoja, which would leave him speechless. And, as the press reflects, Isabel Pantoja is fed up with rudeness. For this reason, he would have carried out a controversial decision that would shock his son Kiko Rivera and his wife Irene Rosales.

Isabel Pantoja has decided to take away your most precious asset this weekend. And she has not done it herself, but has sent two good friends to carry out the management: ask for the keys and take the vehicle. A car that was originally a gift for her granddaughters Carlota and Ana, so that their parents could take them to school.

This information was made known exclusively by José Antonio Avilés in Viva la vida, after supposedly contacting Isabel Pantoja about issues related to Paquirri’s inheritance, which would have led him to find out the new step in the internal war that he maintains Isabel Pantoja with his son for months.

Data that were corroborated by Irene Rosales, through a telephone contact. This would show once again that Isabel Pantoja She is tired of the situation and would be willing to confront her son. At the moment Kiko Rivera has not commented on the matter.

Isabel Pantoja goes with everything. Instagram photo

A decision that would change his life

Isabel Pantoja has shown over time that she is a woman of her word, ready for anything, but what no one thought is that she would join the trend of successful Spanish artists, who after having achieved fame, seek to spend their life in another country, something that has almost become a tradition.

Now, Isabel Pantoja He is in the media spotlight because he could be thinking of selling Cantora to leave this country, get away from the controversies that the conflict with his son has caused, due to the inheritance of his late father the bullfighter Parriqui and move to Mexico. This has undoubtedly been news that has left everyone shocked.

Although it is a tradition for Spanish artists to choose another destination to enjoy their old age, what was never thought was that the queen of the copla, Isabel Pantoja He would leave Spain and go to live in Mexico as reported by various portals of the pink press, since the conflict he maintains with his son Kiko Rivera over inheritance is not yet seen a close end, but rather an increase.

However, for some at first, nothing would happen, no one would notice anything, more than her closest friends and family, because the singer lives locked up in Cantora since her life became a constant controversy, as confirmed the portal Gossip. Isabel Pantoja She does not leave the estate of her late husband, Paquirri, at all at all, and there are very few occasions in which the press has seen her outside.