Now that the United States Police has said that Zoom is not a secure platform for video calling, some users are looking for other options to communicate with their friends and family at this time when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay home. .

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Facebook is apparently taking advantage of the growing use of video calls and just launched a new Facebook Messenger app that allows you to have virtual conversations with up to eight people at the same time.

According to Stan Chudnovsky, vice president of Messenger, through a statement issued on the company’s blog:

“Over the past month, we saw a more than 100% increase in the number of people using their desktop browser to make audio and video calls on Messenger. Now, with applications for MacOS and Windows, the best of Messenger comes to the desktop, including free unlimited group video calls. ”

This desktop application allows you to make calls, as I already mentioned, with up to eight people at the same time in a simpler way than other applications and you can receive messaging notifications, whenever you want. It also allows you to synchronize the app with any of your mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones. And as a final touch, Facebook allows you to send GIFs and use Dark Mode.

Although we know that Facebook does not always stand out for protecting the data of its users as it should, it seems, for the moment, to be a good option at the moment for all people who need to establish communication with their loved ones.