Novant Health Delivers 2,000 Vaccines in One Day with Extreme Networks Wi-Fi | News | Infrastructures

Novant Health has used the Extreme Networks cloud-based Wi-Fi solutions to provide connectivity to a massive Covid-19 vaccination event that took place last February in the Spectrum Center of Charlotte (North Carolina). During this event they have been vaccinated 2,220 people in a single day, at a vaccination rate of 120 simultaneous patients, compared to the approximately 500 daily doses that a typical health center is able to administer per day. Novant Health is a North Carolina-based healthcare corporation that operates clinics, ambulatory care centers, and hospitals in four US states.

The company implemented access points (AP) Wi-Fi-6 ExtremeWireless managed from the cloud on the event site, which allowed the network to be up and running in less than an hour, to support this vaccination campaign. The high-speed and secure wireless network in place allowed healthcare professionals to quickly access patient records and speed up the vaccine administration process.

Novant Health delivers 2,000 vaccines in one day with Extreme Networks Wi-Fi.

The most relevant aspects of this project, from a technological and business point of view, have been:

Speed ​​and ease in the deployment and commissioning of the network. The vaccine administration site has occupied roughly half of the Spectrum Center convention center, requiring an additional layer of coverage to be deployed to ensure a high-speed and reliable connection. Although it is a large venue, Novant Health’s IT department managed to install and configure all 19 ExtremeWireless access points in less than an hour. The APs were installed on mobile platforms, which could be moved and connected at any point in the network, which provided great flexibility when moving the equipment throughout the premises.

Agile and simple cloud management: all the APs used have been configured and managed using the Extreme Networks cloud platform, which has greatly facilitated and expedited the commissioning of the network. The APs were connected to the Spectrum Center’s existing network infrastructure via a virtual LAN, and from there to Novant Health’s cloud-based network and IT systems.

High speed and secure connectivity– Safe and reliable connectivity is a must in any mass vaccination event, as patient records need to be accessed and updated on the spot as vaccines are administered. Thanks to Extreme Networks APs, with ISO 27001 certification, healthcare professionals have been able to securely access Novant Health electronic medical records, to consult patient files before vaccination and update the records once the vaccines have been administered. vaccines. The perfect functioning of the network allowed access to the records of thousands of patients in a single day.

How has commented Rob Hale, Senior Manager of Engineering at Novant Health, “The pandemic has forced organizations to be flexible and creative with technology. Extreme Networks cloud-based solutions simplified what we were trying to achieve and provided the security, flexibility, and connectivity needed to make this mass vaccination event possible. We plan to continue hosting vaccination events and we know that thanks to Extreme’s technology, our Wi-Fi network will not be a concern. “

For its part, Doug McDonald, Director of Healthcare Technology, Extreme Networks Office of the CTOcommented: “Vaccines are our most effective tool to combat COVID-19, and organizations like Novant Health are constantly working to deliver as many vaccines as they can in a short period of time. The challenges of overcoming a pandemic are enormous; The technology that supports healthcare professionals should simplify complexity and reduce stress, not increase it. Extreme is proud to provide secure and flexible network technology that healthcare organizations can rely on during this crisis. “