After many months thinking about it, this week the news was finally released of how the ranking will fluctuate in the coming months within the professional circuit. Given the uncertainty of which tournaments can be played and which tennis players will want to travel, the ATP Council He concluded that it was best to promote the idea of ​​keeping the best result of each in the last two years. In other words, those who do not play this edition of the US Open will keep their 2019 points. Novak Djokovic, President of the Council, gave his point of view in Sportski Zurnal about this approach.

“We were debating it within the Players Council until we finally concluded that this idea was the best, what we wanted was to protect players who could not travel or did not want to put their health at risk in these upcoming tournaments”Exposes the number 1 in the world, who does not know at this point what his path will be this summer, since he has questioned several times his participation in the American tour.

“The intention of many players was not to play until the end of 2020, so in this way they are protected, now they will no longer lose points. On the other hand, tennis players who do go to play this year will have the option of obtaining new points. In this situation, I thought it was the best option ”, declares the Serb, who has been attacked a lot in recent weeks due to what happened on the Adria Tour, although it seems that with this decision he has once again gained the warmth of his own.

“I fully support the desire of the USTA to host the tournaments in Washington, Cincinnati and, of course, the US Open. We are talking about a very important tournament tour so that you can survive professional tennis. Like the rest of the world, we are currently going through a time of economic difficulties, although personally I am not feeling the pressure that many others are feeling now, I fully understand all those vast majority who need to compete now to earn money. I am well aware of the efforts they are making to sustain the tour, especially in the United States and Europe, despite this great crisis, ”said the one from Belgrade putting himself in the shoes of the other.

Finally, Novak also echoed the first criticisms of this new ranking system, voices that indicate that there is players who are harmed, such as Nadal, who will hardly be able to earn new points in the ranking. “I don’t want to comment on this, I consider this to be the best option, the fairest for everyone. There will always be cases and players who feel disadvantaged, but I insist once again: the objective we had within the Players Council was to protect all those tennis players who did not want to play in the coming months. Some will have to think that it is not the fairest thing, that all those who cannot lose points have an advantage at the mental level, but it is the decision we have made ”.